What makes you different?

At OWNLOOKS Manufactory, we pride ourselves on our meticulous craftsmanship and the inherent artistic value of our creations. Our team combines unique technologies and carefully selected materials to bring you exceptional devices that exude luxury.

Using precious metals, sapphire, carbon, enamel, rare paints, exotic woods, and modern composite materials, we create design elements that beautifully highlight the back of each device. But it doesn't stop there - our engineers go beyond surface beauty, allowing for customization of both the external and internal parts of the device. Every step of the process is executed by experienced professionals with a passion for their craft, infusing each device with a touch of human warmth.

With over 100,000 hours of collective experience from our artists, craftsmen, and engineers, the attention to detail in our custom devices is unmatched. Crafting a single device takes more than 80 hours of dedicated work. And because we believe in exclusivity, all our devices are produced in limited series, ensuring that each one is truly unique.

Welcome to the world of OWNLOOKS Manufactory Devices, where luxury meets craftsmanship. Prepare to experience a small masterpiece like no other.

How long does it take to make a serial device or case from your collection?

If you are interested in a serial model from our collection presented online, the production lead time will take about 10-20 business days, depending on the complexity of the selected model.

How much does the backlight work on the battery life of the device?

Introducing our very own energy-efficient driver, the "oDrive," specifically designed to power the logo backlighting. It consumes a mere 0.1% to 2% of the total battery charge, ensuring a minimal impact on the device's overall battery life. Rest assured, you can enjoy the stunning logo backlighting without compromising the device's charge duration.

I would like to slightly change the design of your serial iPhone model, add my logo or initials. Is it possible?

Yes of course! We provide a free option to personalize serial iPhone models with your initials. Installation of your own luminous logo will come at an additional cost.

Do you use real gold?

At OWNLOOKS, we uphold uncompromising standards when it comes to materials. For our plating, we exclusively utilize the finest 24K hallmark of gold, ensuring a luxurious and lustrous finish. When it comes to our solid gold elements, we employ the utmost quality with 18K gold, the highest available in jewelry craftsmanship due to the natural softness of 24K gold, which makes it impractical for intricate jewelry work. Authenticity is paramount to us, which is why we select only genuine leather and wood, adding a touch of natural elegance to our creations. Trust in the exquisite materials that define the essence of OWNLOOKS.

You use carbon and metal to customize the devices and create accessories. I heard that carbon, like metal, greatly affects the quality of wireless technologies such as Wifi and GPS?

Our engineers and technicians are well versed in the devices we make. All the standard functions of the devices work smoothly, just like in the stock device. We do not use blocking materials in those places where they would block proper functioning of the device.

After customization, will the device maintain its water resistance?

At OWNLOOKS, we take great care to deliver customized devices of the highest quality. However, it's important to note that our devices are not water-resistant. We make every effort to maintain the water resistance feature, but certain materials such as leather or wood are inherently incompatible with water. We kindly advise you to protect your device from moisture to prevent any potential damage. Please be aware that water damage is not covered by our Warranty, and it is worth mentioning that it is also not covered by Apple's warranty. Your understanding and attention to this matter will help ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your device.

Will MagSafe and wireless charging work with your devices and accessories?

Yes, they will, however, we remove the MagSafe feature on lacquer models to preserve the lacquer finish, and on 3D Carbon models since the 3D shape does not allow for it to function. Wireless charging however will still work.

Our MagSafe Armor maintains MagSafe charging as well as other MagSafe accessories.

!ADVICE! We recommend using a cable to charge the device, this type of charging is safer for the battery.


What is Custom?

When a name is preceded by "Custom", it transcends the realm of the ordinary and mundane, taking on a whole new dimension. It becomes something extraordinary, possessing a distinctive look and vibe. Something with its own character and even soul.

At OWNLOOKS, we specialize in the artistic customization of hi-tech devices. What does this mean? It is the transformation of a device into a personalized masterpiece that reflects your individual style and essence. It is the pinnacle of self-expression, where technology merges seamlessly with artistry to create a truly unique and captivating device.

Our creations are more than just customized devices; they are the ultimate embodiment of your style, showcasing the essence of your extraordinary personality. Each device we craft is a testament to your individuality, ensuring that it stands out from the crowd and resonates with your personal taste.

Welcome to the world of artistic customization, where innovation meets creativity, and your device becomes a work of art that tells your story.

How long does it take to make an individual custom device or case?

If you want to make an order with an individual design, the production time may increase from 15 to 30 working days depending on complexity.

How to place an individual custom order? What are the steps of the process?

Placing an individual custom order with us is a straightforward process. Here's how it works:

  1. Collection of Information:
    Reach out to us via email at i@ownlooks.com or contact us on WhatsApp, Telegram or via contact form on our website to express your desire for a custom order. We'll gather all the necessary details, discuss the specifics, timelines, costs, and even create a sketch of your future device.
  2. Payment:
    To initiate work on your individual order, a 100% prepayment is required. Once payment is received, we'll begin bringing your vision to life.
  3. Manufacture:
    The duration of the manufacturing process depends on the design's complexity, the materials used, and the employed technologies. On average, crafting such unique pieces takes between 5 to 30 working days from the sketch's approval.
  4. Dispatch:
    Upon completion of the work, we'll promptly dispatch your order to the address provided. Rest assured, we'll also share the tracking number with you, enabling you to monitor the progress and movement of your order.

Experience the seamless process of creating your custom masterpiece with OWNLOOKS.

Regenerate response

Can I order customization of my own device, already purchased?

At OWNLOOKS, we offer customization services for devices provided by you, but with one important condition. To ensure the highest quality and to fulfill our warranty obligations, we require the device to be in a new and sealed original packaging. We do not accept devices that have been previously used or unpacked for customization. This requirement guarantees that your customized device will be covered by our warranty, providing you with peace of mind and exceptional craftsmanship. Thank you for understanding the importance we place on delivering the utmost quality and warranty coverage for your custom device.

If I want to make some changes to my order at the manufacturing stage, what should I do?

Please send us an email at i@ownlooks.com with an explanation of what you would like to change in your order.

Do you work with corporate orders?

Yes. Please email us at i@ownlooks.com. We will be happy to discuss your idea, discuss special prices and production times.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through:

CARD - you can pay for your purchase with any credit card, including MasterCard and VISA.

PayPal - Allows anyone with an email address to make and receive payments safely through their personal credit card or bank account. You can use your account to quickly and easily purchase our products.

Bank account - we also accept payment from by bank transfer.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We provide delivery to nearly any country in the world.

!IMPORTANT! For some types of goods, such as smartphones, in some countries, a customs tax will be applied upon receipt. You can clarify the amount of tax at your customs authority.

Is delivery included in the price of the goods?

For custom smartphones, we offer complementary express delivery by the first class shipment to the client’s door nearly anywhere in the world.

We also offer complementary shipping for all accessories orders above 500 USD.

When ordering accessories and other goods worth less than 500 USD, shipping cost may vary depending on destination country, weight and order size.

Based on these parameters, the shipping cost will be calculated individually and shown at checkout

How do I track the movement of my order?

After sending the order we will send you a track number and a link to track the movement of the order.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery time depends on many factors, such as - country of destination, type of goods, shipping rate.

Delivery of custom smartphones within GCC countries is from 1 to 5 days, accessories from 2 to 10 days.

Delivery of custom smartphones within EU or USA is from 5 to 15 days, accessories from 5 to 20 days.

Delivery of custom smartphones to other countries is from 5 to 15 days, accessories from 5 to 30 days.

!IMPORTANT! Take care of the purchase in advance if you plan to make a gift for the New Year or Christmas, as this is the peak season of the courier service and customs.

!IMPORTANT! Orders placed during the holiday and peak seasons may take extra time. There may also be delays in customs clearance in some countries.


What is the warranty on your devices and accessories?

Warranty for phones is valid for twelve (12) months, for accessories for six (6) months from the date of purchase.

Do you give a quality certificate for your products?

Yes. Each product and device has a certificate of authenticity with a personal signature of the craftsman.

What should I do if I find a defect in my product? row

We always strive for high quality products and such situations are extremely rare, but if you notice such a defect, be sure to inform us by e-mail mail@ownlooks.com, it is very important for us, we will try to solve problems quickly and comfortably for you.


I accidentally damaged my device. Is it possible to restore it?

Yes of course. In the event of damage or spoilage to the devices of the OWNLOOKS manufactory that is not related to the warranty, the OWNLOOKS manufactory will perform any refurbishment work. All costs associated with restoration work shall be borne by the Client.

Any model, any collection, any year of manufacture, purchased at any authorized point of sale of OWNLOOKS manufactory, is subject to refurbishment.


Is it possible to become your distributor in my region?

We welcome new partners and will be happy to answer all your questions. Email us at i@ownlooks.com

What are your wholesale terms?

We will be happy to answer all questions about wholesale. Email us at i@ownlooks.com

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Customized device care.

In the process of creating collections, OWNLOOKS Manufacture Masters took care of the maximum ease of servicing devices.

Therefore, the best thing you can do to care for OWNLOOKS devices:

1. Do not keep them near radiators or open flames.

2. Protect from shock and mechanical damage.

3. Keep away from contact with small abrasives, such as sand, stones and hard, sharp surfaces.

4. Do not use any abrasive substances to clean them.

5. Protect from mechanical damage.

6. Protect from moisture.

7. Keep away from direct sunlight.

8. Protect from the penetration of perfumes, essential oils, and other liquids based on alcohol.

Leather products care.

Leather is a reliable and durable material, but care will not hinder it.

1. Do not keep leather products near radiators or open flames.

2. Protect from mechanical damage.

3. Avoid moisture.

4. Protect from direct sunlight.

5. Protect from contact with perfumes, essential oils, and other liquids based on alcohol.

6. Clean your skin only using special skin chemicals.

7. Periodically treat skin with water repellents.

Care for wood products.

Our devices in which the tree is used are maximally protected from external factors. But you can extend their service if you look after them.

1. Do not keep them near radiators or open flames.

2. Protect from mechanical damage.

3. Avoid moisture.

4. Protect from direct sunlight.

5. Protect from contact with perfumes, essential oils, and other liquids based on alcohol.