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Introducing the Skeleton by OWNLOOKS: Where Innovation Meets Aesthetics.

Shipping in October / November 2023.

Inspired by the intricate beauty of Swiss watchmaking's skeleton models, the Skeleton by OWNLOOKS is a masterful fusion of design, technology, and craftsmanship. Crafted with precision using carbon fiber and sapphire crystal, this exceptional creation unveils the captivating world beneath the surface. 238 hours of manual craftsmanship are involved in creation of each piece.

Uncover the heart of your device as we reveal the stunning wireless charging coil in copper, the CPU and the major functional chips - all displayed elegantly beneath the sapphire crystal back. Through meticulous engineering, we preserve every functionality, including MagSafe, ensuring that your experience remains seamless.

Experience the mesmerizing blend of art and innovation, where every glance captures the essence of Swiss watch elegance. Elevate your technology journey with the Skeleton by OWNLOOKS, a symphony of aesthetics and functionality. Discover the future of phone design, redefined.

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